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Force Officiating Uniforms - Always the right choice!

The past two recert weekends at our Membership clinics we faced some challenges regarding what was expected of our officials in order for them to attend. The message has been clear from the get go. I simply want to take a moment to convey to you what that message is.   

There are no exceptions to these requirements. There are no possible what if's. None.  

               ·   EXAM - No deviation...they must complete, pass and print the first page which must be handed in. Two officials this past weekend handed in an exam with a failing grade. Both went home. You can do the exam as many times as you want until you pass and there is no time limit.

             ·   Criminal Record Check / Vulnerable Sector Screening - one option available...either the actual document OR the receipt from the police department must be in a sealed envelope with the name and officiating number on the front of the envelope. CRC's are good for 3 years, which means the only exceptions to this mandate would be new or returning officials who submitted one to the OMHA the last two years. If so, they must declare this to the coordinator on the desk at check-in. A declaration form must be completed. This was noted in the registration package. Providing a receipt means the official is not eligible to officiate until that PRC/VSS is in the hands of the OMHA.      

         ·   Respect In Sport (Activity Leader Module) - must be completed by all officials who are 16 and older OR who are turning 16 by the 31st of December of 2014. Officials 14 or 15 on December 31st are exempt from doing this module. If they have completed a previous Prevention Services "Speak Out” course they are exempt from doing this module but they must make this declaration at check-in. Our coordinators will be referencing the Hockey Canada Registry for validity. The Respect In Sport "Parent” module is not an equivalent for the "Activity Leader” module. The official can print or copy the certificate page once they have completed the module and bring it to the clinic. There is a cost for this module which is $30.00.

Those who were refused entry this past weekend were for one of three things noted above.

They either did not read the entire letter, or simply refused to follow it.

If you don't meet all 3 criteria at the registration table, you will be sent home.


Continued success.

Dave Wedlake, OMHA Technical Director of Officials

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